Mid Century Starburst Clock Teak Brass Refurbish Repair


So if you’ve read anything on this website you know I LOVE a good flea market.  AND I also am recently obsessed with anything remotely Mid-century modern! I’ve been on the hunt for a cool Mid century starburst clock for a while, but didn’t like the giant price tag that generally comes along with them.  😦

But then…one lucky morning (at the flea market, of course) I scored this “shell” of a mid century starburst clock that was missing just a few pieces. (such as the clock face, the hands, the movement and one of the teak “rays”). SO…it wasn’t actually much of a clock, but at least something to work with, right? And hey, the price was right at $3. Yep, you read that right, just $3.That price-tag makes me pretty happy, and I knew this had potential. 🙂 Here it is…. BEFORE.


I knew I was going to have to replace some of the missing pieces, so I started a search online for a new brass clock face.  As always, Etsy seems to consistently pan out for me, and I found the perfect brass clock face below from a shop called TikTaktuk.  Great seller, and I had this within a week. Happy, happy!


Next, a trip to the local craft store and I bought a clock movement for a few dollars, and within minutes was able to put the first few pieces together.   I’m feeling pretty good about this project at this point.  I might just have a pretty cool clock at the end of all this. We’ll see…


Here’s the back view…where I inserted the new clock movement.


Now for the final part of this refurbishing project. I know I’m going to have to do something about the missing teak Starburst “ray.”  Once again, Etsy comes to my rescue and I’m able to score some unfinished teak wood slats.  I had to buy six of them even though I only needed one, but I’m figuring I’ll use the teak for another mid century related project at some point so it won’t go to waste. Or if you need a piece of teak let me know…I have some left!

I measured the shape and size of the teak replacement piece I’ll need. I pattern it after one of the existing wooden starburst rays that I’m able to pop out of the brass frame pretty easily. See below, just had to trace and cut. Easy-peasy. I have a miter saw and was able to cut the teak pretty quickly in exactly the right shape.


Lastly, I purchased some modern looking black clock hands on ebay. Once I popped those on the front things are looking pretty good, and WA-LA!! Instant mid century starburst clock for under $25. Ni-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ice!