Mid Century Cado Teak Wall Unit Poul Cadovius


I’m working towards creating a mid-century modern living room feel in my 1958 home. I originally had an entertainment center that looked like this….

Not terrible, but not really the look I’m going for, and definitely not a 1950’s vibe. In my ongoing obsession with all-things-mid-century-modern I knew at some point I was going to have to have a teak wall unit.  Of course what I never like is the GIANT price tag that comes along with anything that’s remotely Mid-century. 😦 So I soldier on and try to keep an open mind, and keep hoping that something affordable will turn up.

I hit a garage sale over the summer just a few blocks from my house and lo-and-behold I found someone selling a complete (possibly Poul Cadovius) Mid Century three-bay teak wall unit!!  O.M.G.  And wait…it. gets. better.  The entire thing was $15!!  Sweet!!! One of the shelf boards is stamped “Made in Denmark”, so it’s the real deal.  Boy, I was a pretty happy camper when I loaded up the car. 🙂

I got it home and brought it inside to clean it up.  The person I bought it from had clearly had it in storage for quite some time, since the layer of dirt and dust on it was pretty thick.  Here’s what all the pieces looked like when I brought them home.

dsc00001 dsc00002 dsc00004 dsc00009

Lots of pieces, and lots of dirt, but a bucket of water and murphy’s oil soap and everything cleaned up very nicely with a bit of elbow grease.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang it the same day, but I laid out all the pieces on my garage floor to make sure I had everything and figured out it would be approximately 8 feet wide.  Luckily that’s the EXACT width of the wall I was going to hang it on.  Wow, did I luck out again there!

Anyways, I won’t bore you with the details of how I hung it, but it took a couple hours and some patience and I think it turned out great.  Here’s the final result.  What do you think? Definitely better than the entertainment center that was there before!


Now the lounge chair you see in the lower left corner is on its way to being another DIY Blog project.  I bought it on Craig’s List a few months back and it was just the frame with no cushions, but I figured that’d be an easy project to tackle.  I’ve got the fabric I selected to cover the cushions draped over the back of the chair so you can see the oatmeal colored fabric that will soon be it’s cushion covers.  The cushions you see in the pic, were ordered online from www.thefoamfactory.com. They shipped for free, cut the foam to the sizes I needed and wrapped them in batting for a small up charge. Anyways, before I get too carried away, you’ll see that project in another blog post. Stay tuned!